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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service when it comes to tree service and removal. We pride ourselves on being a trusted tree service company serving Quincy and Boston. Our services are reliable and efficient; we get the job done quickly at fair and reasonable prices with no hidden costs.

Tree Services & Tree Removal Quincy MA

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We are Boston-based tree service company with a fully trained local certified arborists crew with years of experience in Norfolk, Suffolk and Middlesex County. Our tree service area is within the entire Greater Boston area for both residential and commercial properties. Our professional team of experienced contractors can handle any tree work job you throw at them, including regular tree maintenance and trimming or large tree removal.

Our service area is within the entire Greater Boston area for both residential and commercial properties.

Our skilled and experienced certified and can handle any job you throw at them, including regular tree maintenance and trimming or large tree removal.

Old trees are being removed in cities tree trunk for loading into truck.

Our Professional Tree Services

How much does tree service companies in Quincy charge on average?

Tree service companies typically charge about $800 but this varies a lot and depends on the type of tree work you need, the complexity, how many people are required, how long it takes, etc.

Tree Removal Quincy MA

Are you in dire need of removing or cutting a tree? Whatever the case may be, you can count on our tree service experts to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll immediately remove the tree and leave you with no damage. Pre-existing voids in the ground created by tree removals can be filled using landscaping material or hardscape.

We offer tree removal services for all types of trees. Do you need trees removed from your yard or property? We can do that for you. We’ll remove the tree without causing any damage to the surrounding ecosystem. It also won’t cause any harm to any of the trees near you, so it won’t interfere with the other trees in the area.

Tree Cutting

Cutting and removing a tree may be necessary when a tree’s roots are intruding into the surrounding soil, or blocking the path to your home. If the tree is diseased or dead, it may need to come down for safety reasons.

We have the skills and equipment to handle all forms of tree cutting, including crane and bucket truck operations. Leave the labor to us if you have a dead or hazardous tree on your property, or if it is overgrown or in an awkward area. Our experts have years of experience and are trained in all aspects of tree removal. You can rely on our staff to securely and quickly remove the tree.

How much does tree removal in Quincy MA cost?

On average, the price of tree removal is between $800 and $1000. The price can range greatly and can be as low as $350 or as high as $1600. Size of the tree, proximity to power lines or property, the overall complexity of the job, how many people and other factors can play a role in determining all the costs of the job.

Get in touch with us to receive a free quote on our tree removal service.

Boston MA Tree Pro removing a tree

Emergency Tree Services

In addition to general tree care, we provide emergency tree services in Quincy and nearby areas. If your tree has broken, snapped, or fallen in your yard or driveway due to storm damage or some kind of accident, or it is at risk of falling and causing serious damage, then you need emergency tree service. For emergency tree service and removal, call our pros any time, 24/7, to have your tree removed safely, properly, and quickly.

Tree cutting pro in Boston MA cutting down a tree

Tree Trimming Quincy MA

Proper trimming and pruning is essential when it comes to maintaining the health of your trees. When your trees are healthy and properly pruned, they can stay healthy and attractive for many years to come. But if you don’t prune your older trees at the right time, they can become overgrown and unhealthy, which may cause damage to your trees as well as the surrounding ecosystem.

How Much Does Tree Trimming and Pruning Cost?

On average, the price for tree trimming in Quincy, Massachusetts is about $280 per hour (for a three-person team). The exact cost will depend on the amount of trimming, how many people need to be involved and how long the overall job will take. Call us for a free estimate and quote.

Maintaining or pruning trees and shrubs in Quincy costs an average of $450. Most job costs between $180 and $760.

pruning a cypress with a chainsaw on a crane

What is the difference between pruning and trimming trees?

Pruning and trimming are two different tree care techniques that tree owners have to keep in mind. Trimming is the act of cutting away dead or diseased limbs and branches while pruning is the act of removing branches that are growing/becoming a nuisance. These techniques have different purposes but are commonly used when promoting the health of your trees.

man cutting trimming tree branches outside in the garden in Bedford MA

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is, for the most part, done for aesthetic reasons.

Check out the benefits of proper tree trimming and pruning:

  • Complete removal of tree limbs and twig branches
  • A healthier tree structure
  • Brighten up your yard by getting rid of overgrown branches and trees
  • Avoid liability by pruning trees to prevent hanging electrical systems
  • Reduces the workload required for pruning your trees each year because it gets rid of any unhealthy branches.
  • Encourages and increases flowering and fruiting of trees, making it easier for tree owners to sit back and enjoy their trees.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Pruning is mostly done with the health of the tree in mind.

Proper pruning is important when it comes to maintaining the health of trees, but if done at the wrong time, it can be harmful to trees and to your property as well. That’s why it’s so important to get the help of professional tree service companies like Boston MA Tree Pros when you’re in need to trim or prune trees.

Here are the main benefits of tree pruning:

  • it is essential for the overall health of the trees in your yard
  • Mature, healthy trees will be more beautiful and resilient to disease and pests
  • Trees will live longer are healthier, greener and less likely to blow over in storms.
  • Tree pruning enables trees to grow and develop aesthetically. It also encourages good air circulation and reduces the risk of infection.

Stump Removal

After removing a tree, you’re left with the stump. Often homeowners decide that they want to get rid of the stump because it looks unappealing and can get in the way of maintaining the house or garden. In addition, it can also be a health hazard if the stump is infected with fungus or termites, as they can easily burrow and spread to other trees or structures.

Another danger of leaving your stump intact is that someone may trip over it and injure themselves.

What is the process of stump removal? Before beginning, it’s important to understand that this process is not as simple as digging the stump out or burning it. During the stump removal process, the professionals will also have to remove the entire root structure to ensure that the stump does not grow back in the future, which can pose a serious problem.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is similar to stump removal, however, in this case, the professionals will use a special machine to grind down the stump to ground level so it is no longer a tripping hazard or getting in the way of you taking care of your lawn or yard. Unlike stump removal, which will eliminate a stump completely, stump grinding will leave the root structure intact, which makes it easier for it to grow back in the future, which is why it is generally only done if the stump is on your property and not owned by someone else. Since stump grinding is a less intensive procedure, it is also less expensive than complete removal.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

The average stump grinding cost in Quincy is around $300.

stump grinder in action in Bedford MA

Root removal

Roots that are exposed on the ground can not only trip pedestrians, but they can also damage lawnmowers, prevent grass from growing, and even lift sidewalks and roadways. There are a number of ways that roots can harm trees, including allowing illness to enter the plant and even strangling it.

Regardless of whether the tree is living or dead, it is critical that you have the right tools and know-how for digging up tree roots. If you don’t – we’re always available to assist you.

tree root removal Bedford MA

Land clearing / Lot Clearing

The process of clearing land can take a long time. Depending on the scope of the job, human labor and even heavy machinery may be required. If you have any land-clearing needs, our team of experts is here to help.

Call our local team of experts and request free estimates on any tree services in Quincy MA.

Yard work bulldozer clearing land from old trees, roots and branches with backhoe machinery

Our tree services include tree and stump removal, shrub trimming and care, tree planting, stump grinding, trimming, regular tree care and any tree work you may need. Our fully insured team will provide you with a free estimate with no hidden charges. A certified arborist will do an on-site inspection and explain everything that will be done including any cleanup and removing debris.

Your trees are one of the most important investments you can make on your property, and taking care of them is essential to their health and beauty as well as the safety of your home. Additionally, it is critical to take preventative measures against harm that may be avoided, such as keeping an eye out for potential fire threats.

Residential and commercial locations with a high concentration of trees are particularly vulnerable to fires. There are a number of factors that could be responsible for these fires, including faulty wiring and arcing induced by grounding.

The health and safety of your trees are our top priorities, so if you need any of your Boston trees trimmed, pruned, or totally removed, we’re here to offer you our Boston tree services and help. We look forward to building lasting relationships with your customers and clients.

Our Tree Service Area

In addition to Quincy (Zip Codes: 02169, 02170, 02171, 02269) and Boston MA, we serve residential and commercial clients across the entire Greater Boston MA area and Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk and Worcester Counties in Massachusetts.

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