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Saugus Tree Service Pros employs arborists as well as local contractors with years of experience to provide landscaping services to Saugus  MA residents. We strive to deliver outstanding service to our clients both residential and commercial in Essex County and Greater Boston MA.

Tree Services & Tree Removal Saugus MA

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We are a Saugus-based tree services company. Our arborist team is fully certified and experienced.

Our service area covers the whole Greater Boston area, for both residential as well as commercial properties, as well as certain locations in Essex County.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians can tackle any job you might throw at them. This includes regular tree trimming and large tree removing.

Old trees are being removed in cities tree trunk for loading into truck.

Our Professional Saugus Tree Service

Tree Removal Saugus MA

Do you require the removal or trimming of hazardous or large trees? Did you find us by looking for “tree removal near me“? We’ve got you covered!

Trees that are still in place can dry out, increasing pest infestation risk. In some cases it can become skewed one way and fall over.

Safety and landscaping are just two reasons why tree cutting may be required on homeowners’ and public properties. We work with commercial as well as residential clients. Our contractors use professional grade equipment for safety and efficiency. in large tree removal projects.

Call our certified arborists to get a free estimate on tree removal in Saugus MA.

Boston MA Tree Pro removing a tree

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is dangerous, even for professionals. If you are using chainsaws or other cutting tools, you can easily injure and damage your property. You run the risk of damaging your tree by not knowing what you are doing. You can trust a professional to use the right tools for the job. They will have chain saws specifically designed for tree pruning.

You can save time and money by hiring a Saugus tree removal company that uses high-quality, professional-grade equipment.

Tree cutting pro in Boston MA cutting down a tree

Tree Trimming

There are many occasions when hiring tree trimming services is necessary in order to shape the crown. The crown is made of leaves and branches.

Numerous factors make trimming necessary, such as increased light, air penetration, lower wind stress, and improved structural balance. We also provide utility pruning which allows you to remove dead or damaged wood from your trees. Maintaining a healthy tree takes regular trimming.

Proper tree trimming helps to keep your trees healthy. Are you looking for tree-trimming services? Give us a call to get free estimates on-site.


pruning a cypress with a chainsaw on a crane

Tree Pruning

Tree care must be done. As soon as possible, you should remove diseased, broken or dead branches. Regular tree pruning promotes healthy growth and reduces tree stress.

Incorrect tree cutting can cause severe damage. This makes it even more important to hire a certified arborist or expert to do it right.

Tree care must be done as it is necessary to ensure trees grow healthy and long. If you want to make your yard the talk of town, tree care is essential. Regular watering and trimming is not enough to maintain a healthy tree.

For tree maintenance and tree pruning, please call our licensed arborists.

man cutting trimming tree branches outside in the garden in Bedford MA

Stump Removal Saugus MA

To receive a no-obligation quote on the cost to remove tree stumps, please contact us. It might surprise you how inexpensive it can be. Even big stumps can often be removed in a matter days.

When we remove trees, we always offer our stump extraction services. We discuss the benefits and disadvantages of properly removing the stump as well as how mulch can be used in your yard.

Clearing large amounts of land for construction is more common than clearing all stumps.

Stump Grinding

Instead of removing all roots, homeowners can opt to stump grinding in Saugus MA, which is much easier. We’ll use a stump grinding machine to get rid of the stump. The stump is what we call a stump. It extends into ground and is what remains from a trunk. There will be a small hole left in your yard. But it won’t look nearly as big if you removed the stump.

Contact us to receive a complimentary estimate and quote on our stump-removal and grinding services.

stump grinder in action in Bedford MA

Tree Root Removal

Roots exposed on the ground could cause an accident for pedestrians. Roots can be harmful to trees in many ways.

It doesn’t matter if the tree’s alive or dead, you need the right tools and the knowledge to root out tree roots. We are always available to assist if necessary.

tree root removal Bedford MA

Emergency Tree Services Saugus MA

You can trust our arborists to safely and effectively perform emergency tree removals. Because of this, both our employees as well as local contractors are better prepared to remove any fallen trees.

If you leave fallen or damaged trees, it is risky.

emergency tree service in saugus ma

Land and Lot Clearing

Clearing land is a tedious process that can take many years. Dependent on the scope of your job, you may need human labor or heavy machinery. Our experts can assist with any land-clearing issues.

Call our local experts for free estimates on any tree service in Saugus MA.

Yard work bulldozer clearing land from old trees, roots and branches with backhoe machinery

The Advantages of Hiring A Saugus Tree Service Company

An experienced tree service firm can assist with a range of issues, from making sure that your trees grow well to removing any that are damaged. You can feel secure and safe knowing you have reliable landscaping services in Saugus MA.

Why you shouldn’t be able to cut down trees on your own

Many landowners and homeowners decide to cut down the tree themselves, as they don’t wish to pay someone. Although it is possible, this comes with a lot of risks. Even if this is something you’ve done before it doesn’t mean you are an expert in its complexities.

Second, if your tools aren’t the right ones, you risk injuring or damaging your property while you cut down a tree. Third, even the smallest misstep in removing it can have severe consequences.

Finally, tree removal accidents may result in financial hardship. And you’ll be responsible all the costs of repairing the damage. There are many factors to be aware of when removing trees. To do this, you will also need to have all the permits and paperwork required.

Anyone who becomes involved in something they aren’t familiar with, or isn’t cautious, could easily cause damage to themselves and their possessions or worse still, someone else’s health.

Tree Removal Costs in Saugus, MA in 2022

  • Min Cost $609.00
  • Avg Cost $716.00
  • Max Cost $824.00

These costs and rates will vary depending on your specific project such as the height, accessibility, and health of trees and their location. Costs may be lower or higher, depending on the job, risk, people required, and other factors. Call us if you’d like to receive an exact and free quote.

We are a locally owned and operated business. We offer a range of services at very affordable prices to businesses and residents in Saugus MA.

Your trees are one the most important investments that you can make on your land. It is critical to take good care of them for their health and safety as well. Also, preventive measures must be taken to protect your trees from any harm. For example, keep an eye on potential fire hazards.

Both residential and commercial areas with a high number of trees are especially vulnerable to fires. There are many things that could cause these fires.

Our top priorities are the safety and well-being of your trees. To help you with your tree care in Saugus, we offer a variety of services. We look forward creating lasting relationships for you and your customers.

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We provide tree services to residential and commercial clients in Boston MA, as well a number of locations in Suffolk and Essex County, Massachusetts. For tree maintenance and pruning, as well as removal of trees, we are also available in North Andover, Cambridge, Newton, Medford Malden Methuen and others.

Looking for tree service in another location near you? Check out our tree service area here.

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