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In short – Yes! Tree care and especially tree removal in Boston is a large undertaking and often requires bulky, expensive equipment, not to mention tree service experts often work at height, as illustrated by the video below by the YT channel “Buckin’ Billy Ray Smith”.

You need to ensure that you, your property and your land are protected should anything happen. Falling debris, branches and trees all have the potential to cause significant damage, but so can the equipment they use.

Seldom thought about, but still a concern is the potential issues that driving heavy cranes across your land may cause. These include damage to underground pipes, for example.

It is important that your tree service company has adequate insurance should any issues arise.

What type of insurance should a tree service company have?

A professional tree service company should have these types of insurance:

  1. General Liability – should damage occur directly attributed to the tree removal, for example, a falling branch that breaks a window, the tree company can use their insurance to pay. Without general liability insurance, your only recourse would be to sue, and that can be lengthy and expensive.
  2. Worker’s Compensation – working at height and using potentially dangerous equipment such as chainsaws results in injuries and, sadly, fatalities every year.

Reputable tree service companies will have worker’s compensation insurance to pay out should their employees have an accident.

Why should a professional company have insurance?

Without insurance, the injured employee can come to you, the home or property owner, for compensation, which, depending on the injuries sustained, could be substantial.

Don’t be afraid to ask a tree service company for a copy of their insurance. Any reputable company will be more than happy to share this information with you. You can learn more about tree removal and storm insurance here.

Don’t hesitate to call and request a free quote from our tree experts if you require tree removal service in Newton, Malden or any of our other locations around Boston.

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Below you will find insurance companies in Boston that provide general liability and worker’s compensations insurance plans.

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